Yep I feel it. I want to quit. This is taking too much time. My Guide is being difficult. I am not being seen.

Yep Subbie is working hard to keep the status quo.

They keep promising that it will all become habit… not so much yet. Perhaps because I have not been giving it 100%.  So now I get to choose. Do I quit. Or Do I quit?

Do I walk away, save MKMMA for another day?


Do I quit cheating myself out of the life I truly desire? 

Do I give it 100% and live the dream or do I continue a life of quiet desperation?

I can’t deny that I feel better about the direction my life is taking… and I know more will be revealed… but from what end…?

It is time to stop cheating myself. I am responsible for me… no matter what happens.

I am the one, the only one in charge of my happiness.

So today I choose to quit.

Today I choose happiness.

I always keep my promises

Nancy Jo Heart