So, in master keys, they have us do this exercise? Where we use our non-dominant hand to determine what are personal pivotal needs are. There is a list of seven to choose from:

  • Legacy;
  • Spiritual growth;
  • Autonomy;
  • Liberty;
  • Helping others; 
  • Recognition for Creative expression; and
  • True Health

The reason you write these out with your non-dominant hand and then sit quietly with your eyes closed before choosing two, is to allow your authentic self to choose.It’s so easy to want to go to the ones that you feel the most drawn to from a logical perspective on your life.
The challenge is to resist the draw and go where your instincts, or your subconscious mind, directs to you.
What I wanted to choose was spiritual growth, and helping others. What my subbie had me choose, were Autonomy and Legacy.
I find this most interesting, because my DMP is mostly focused around being in a loving relationship. Yet I draw two personal pivotal needs that have to do with freedom.
It will be interesting to see how these play out. I adore Freedom. It is one of my Noble qualities. Having a loving relationship where we are both free sounds quite blissful although somewhat counterintuitive.
This is my second time doing master keys, and I took a year off in between. I am thrilled at the grace and ease that I find in doing the exercises this time around. There is a level of comfort, and trust, and so much more enthusiasm.  I do believe that what I hold with an Earnest desire will be mine.

I always keep my promises, 

Nancy Jo Heart